Frequently asked questions and related answers.

Reservation Can I change my booking online?
Can I cancel my reservation online?
Are my financial data properly protected?
Before Renting How can I locate the nearest Europcar agency?
Is there a minimum age / maximum age to rent a car at Europcar Guadeloupe?
What documents do I need to present at the Europcar counter at the pick-up of the vehicle?
I was stolen from my driver's license. Can I submit a flight declaration instead?
I forgot my driver's license. Can I still take possession of the vehicle?
Do I have to leave a security deposit in the vehicle?
What means of payment are accepted by Europcar?
What does the rental agreement say?
How are additional days calculated?
Can I take out additional insurance or coverage?
Should I check the vehicle's "Check-out" card before leaving the agency?
During the rental car During the rental What if the car breaks down or I have an accident?
What if I lose the keys of the vehicle?
What if the vehicle is stolen? Am I allowed to drive with the vehicle on an outbuilding of Guadeloupe or a neighboring island?
Do I have to maintain the vehicle during the rental period?
Am I limited to mileage?
End of car rental End of lease Can I extend my lease?
What happens if I return the vehicle after the scheduled time?
Can I return the vehicle outside the opening hours?
Does the vehicle have to be returned with fuel?
Do I have to check the vehicle before it is finally returned?
Will I have supplements to pay on return?
Am I responsible for fines?

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